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Leadership Articles   

Leadership Articles

Mastering The Difference Between Leadership And Management
It is a common belief that management and leadership are the same role. While it is common that a manager also plays the part of the leader, these two roles are truly separate in function and in the way they add to the success of an orginization. By understanding the difference between management and leadership you will become more effective in helping others see the road ahead.

Much has been written about leadership: rules, pointers, styles, and biographies of inspiring leaders throughout world history. But there are certain leadership ideas that we ourselves fail to recognize and realize in the course of reading books. Here is a short list of things you thought you knew about leadership.

1-5 Steps To Maximum Productivity
In every business too much time is wasted by owners and senior management on non productive acivities. The result is lower productivity and a significant loss of profits. Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of non productive tasks and boost your productivity.

3 Steps to Stop Absence and Make People Happy At Work
Are you a manager frustrated by workplace absence? This article reveals three steps you can take to reduce absence and make your life easier.

6 Ways to help your employees beat stress and work more
Most employers dream of having a well motivated enthusiatic workforce producing high quality products on time and within budget. It does not have to be a dream and sometimes only small changes can have a large impact. Here are 6 ways to improve morale and productivity in your workers.

9 Facts About Coaching You Need to Know
In this article we'll look at the two main types of coaching: life (personal) coaching and business (corporate) coaching.

10 Ways To Stimulate Employee Motivation
Today’s fast-moving business environment demands that the effective manager be both a well-organized administrator and highly adept in understanding people’s basic needs and behaviour in the workplace. Gaining commitment, nurturing talent, and ensuring employee motivation and productivity require open communication and trust between managers and staff.

Attitudes Training Will Increase Productivity In Your Company And Home Based Business
That's right! Understanding the power of atttitude training will increase the productivity of your company and home based business!

Being An Executive Is Not Just A Look 
When I think of an executive I think of powerful looking man in a sharp suit making large business deals with international big-wigs. I think of bank accounts in the Carribean and 2nd homes in Italy. I think about the dark limousines and the power ties and golfing with the president or a powerful person in Congress. 

Better Approach for Bigger Results
Catalogs are one way of getting your products recognized in the market. Most customers would ask for a catalog before purchasing so if you have one in hand you can easily address your customers needs.

Big Questions That Could Change Your Business
Have you ever wondered "What if?"

Boost Employee Morale With An Employee Incentive Program
Is there a lull in your office? Are your employees not satisfied anymore with the way that you are manning the place? Good managers know from their own observations that employee attitude affects their work and eventually the company’s output.

Boost Employee Morale With An Exciting Adventure Team Building Event
Corporations faced with a bout of low employee morale should organise exciting team building events to turn things around. Depending on the company budget available, there are lots of team building activities that can be implemented.

Build Bridges Not Walls - Employee Recognition
Regular, one-on-one assessments with your staff provide an efficient two-way forum with which to set and review realistic achievement targets, provide feedback on performance, and listen to and consider any problems employees may have.

Business Goal Setting and Then Following Through
Implement a great idea with the right know-how to get you where you want to go. 

Chairing A Meeting The Most effective Way
Meetings are very expensive. To count the true collective cost of any meeting you need to add the cost of each person's salary for the time they spend in the meeting, the cost of time which could be spent undertaking other tasks and the emotional cost of being part of a meeting especially if the only decision which gets made is the date of the next meeting.

Change Management - Getting It Right
Change management is something many companies may face throughout their existence. Whether something simple or a complete change, various things can be done to allow for a successful change. 

Change Management In Practice - Why Does Change Fail
“Resistance to change may be active or passive, overt or covert, individual or organised, aggressive or timid……… and on occasions totally justified.”

Communicating CEOs
CEOs may do more than communicate, but almost everything they do will be driven or influenced by communication processes inside and outside the organization.

Corporate Identity Management
Competition is great in the market world today and in order to get your business noticed, you will need good corporate identity management. You need to bring together all of the good qualities of your company as well as emphasizing what a great benefit your company will be to those who use your services. 

Corporate Team Building - Shake Em Up To Wake Em Up
Team building has become somewhat of a buzz word in corporate circles over the past few years. Many corporate event planners toss the term 'corporate team building' around willy-nilly as part of their marketing talk - but their events don't always live up to the team building promise. 

Corporate Team Building Techniques
Effective team building techniques includes the selection and motivation of teams for the fulfillment of organizational goals. It also involves teaching others how to get along, developing interpersonal trust and effective communication.

Five Business Benefits of Employee Training Programmes
Understanding the business benefits of an employee training programme can sometimes be more of an art than a science. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to convince management teams of the need for forma people investment.

Five Questions to Ask Before Forming a Team
A project or challenge comes up and many people, without thinking, immediately form a team to research, solve the problem and implement the solution. Teams can be a very powerful way to solve problems and implement massive improvements. But teams aren’t the right answer to every situation.

Five Reasons to Make Meetings More Fun
The average person spends more time in meetings than they’d like to. The average manager spends the majority of their workday in meetings. Given these facts, shouldn’t meetings be more fun?

Five Steps for Handling Workplace Conflict
Almost anyone you talk to in the workplace has encountered one form of conflict or another. Conflict in the workplace is not uncommon, and in fact, in some instances it is even worthwhile. That's right. It can be worthwhile particularly if you can shift the conflict to make it work to your advantage.

Good Supervision is a Good Defense
Lots of companies spend lots of time worrying about legal strategies when they should be paying attention to the quality of supervision in their company. Here's a better strategy.

Have You Lost Your Focus
I believe that one of the key causes of failure of online businesses in their first year is the lack of focus by the owner. There are literally so many things to do in the day that it’s hard to decide which one of the mile-long list is the best task to tackle first.

High Performance Mastery - Top 7 Principles For Transforming Your Business From Mediocre To Great
In the words of motivational speaker, Les Brown -- "You don't have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great.” Where do you start to transform your business from mediocre to great?

High Tech Management Leadership
What makes a great manager or leader in a High Tech company? Is it great technical knowledge or skill? Or is it the ability to be affable and convince people to do what you want by the strength of likeability and personal relationships? 

How To Use An Action Plan
Having a plan and executing that plan are two different things. Planning is good but it won't get you anywhere. Execution is good but without a plan, you won't get to where you want to be.

Human Resources - What Drives An Organization
The field of Human Behavior Organization emphasizes the importance of human resources in any business organization. The business filed offers too much focus on manpower development for it is the lifeblood of an existing industry.

Improving Management of Your Business
All companies have business processes that can be improved. Most companies can benefit from automation or further automation of solutions.

It s All About Speed
Speed is distance (results) divided by time, period. Some leaders confuse this with the “fool’s gold” formula: action divided by time. This is a costly and destructive illusion that produces one of two fatal results: either attempting to avoid speed altogether by deferring action, and becoming stagnant—or “red-lining” the culture.
Leading With A Chip On Your Shoulder
Many leaders mistakenly use anger to prod people to take action. The author calls it "leading with a chip on your shoulder", and he shows why such a leadership trait should be avoided.

Make Meetings Easier And More Organized
Modern business takes teamwork. No one can do it alone. That's why today's corporate envionments are designed to facilitate people working together.

Non-Profit Strategic Planning
It is important to mention that it is the size of the organization matters more than for-profit or non-profit status in determining the objectives, steps and activities in the Strategic Planning process. Small non-profit and for-profit organizations have a similar manner of conducting business and planning activities that are different from larger non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Overcoming Perfectionism
Perfectionism can get in the way of building or marketing a successful business. It can prevent us from moving ahead quickly or from taking advantage of business opportunities. Instead of striving for perfection, consider adopting an attitude of striving for excellence. Look at failure as just another teacher. Let's explore how being less than perfect can move you ahead in your business!

Quotes About Bad Meetings
Long pointless meetings are useful in that they keep incompetent people from interfering with those who are working.

Recognition As Part Of Performance Management
Performance Management is a system developed out of the best practice of top performing organizations to provide managers with a structured approach to the key retention criteria. Simplistically, most people will feel motivated and will want to stay in their job if their manager pays attention to their work, provides them with a job to match their skills, knowledge and experience, gives them opportunities to grow and develop, and judges their performance objectively.