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Business and Career Articles  

Business Articles

Avoid Common Business Growth Mistakes
Not Understanding the Importance of Creating Multiple Business Entities to Reach Your Financial Goals and Protect Your Assets From Lawsuits and Claims. Some business people I know keep their personal assets separate from their business.

Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) has two different meanings related to the use of the term intelligence. The primary, less frequently, is the human intelligence capacity applied in business affairs and activities. 

Business Strategy
Here's a business strategy to use that turns competition to your advantage. First answer this, what's the first thing we do when new business competition appears on the scene?

Executive Coaching ROI
Coaching for business executives is a hot topic, featured recently in many well-known publications, from The Wall Street Journal to the Harvard Business Review. 

Getting Started: Creating a Business Plan
You’re excited. You have a great idea for a profitable online business. Maybe it is an original idea that has not been marketed online before. Maybe you have come up with a new spin on the ordinary. 

Great CEOs Knife the Competition
Have you just been promoted CEO/Director or General Manager? Congratulations and welcome to the world of strategizing! Now you can doze early, wake late, play golf, cancel meetings and go to Bahamas. On company time!

How to build a great business with MLM Leads
When you are starting out with a new business, it can be scary. You are not going to know if your company is going to make it or not. You are not sure of the road ahead and the future is very uncertain for many. 

How to Find Talented Tech Employees
Finding and recruiting top tech talent is a top priority for all companies and organizations from Fortune 100 to the smallest start-ups. We are all aware of the shift to outsourcing overseas, but many companies can't afford to do so 

How to Get To "Yes" Quicker
When selling your services, wouldn't it be great if you could get to a "yes" quicker? So how do you do that? There are several ways to do this. There are some low leverage but important strategies and there are some extremely high strategies. 

Internal Communication
InternalCommunications has been built by internal communicators for internal communicators. We simply wanted to create a place where people working in the field of internal comms could visit, discover the latest thinking as well as share your ideas. 

Is Business Coaching Meant For You
Business coaching is conducted primarily to have a competitive advantage in the market. Most companies that opt for business coaching already have high revenues.

Listen to Your Customers
Listen to your customer. Change your product to meet the customers’ needs or change your market. You have heard this from every business advisor in the business. 

No Time to Set Goals - Think Again
Learning to manage your time effectively is paramount to your success; you will not be as successful (financially, emotionally, spiritually or in your family life) if you don’t. 

Plan Your Proposal and You Plan To Win
Proposal planning is essential to ensure that you have time to develop, write and produce a well though-out solution to the client’s requirement. Everyone who has written proposals regularly has occasionally wished that they had planned better.

Success Strategies
One way is to increase the number of effective hours that you work. To get more of those, you need to offload those tasks that can be done by someone at a lower cost per hour than your time is worth!

The Difficulties of Implementing Business Process Management
If you are trying to implement a business process management strategy, then you might have found that there can be difficulties involved. Getting the balance right between effective business management of people and using business 

What is Profitability
We all know what profit is: the surplus left over from revenue after covering expenses. Profitability is the measure of profit generated on an ongoing basis. Profit is generally measured in dollar terms; profitability is measured as a percentage of sales. You need to focus on both.

Writing a Business Plan
Are you thinking about approaching a Bank for finance to support your business? If you haven’t already gone to see the Manager then you may not know that the first thing he will want to see is your Business Plan.

Career Articles

20 Essential Traits Needed For All Sales Executives
It has long been my conviction that the dominant factor in success is the set of mental habits possessed by the individual. Of no vocation is this truer than that of the salesman. 

360 Degree Feedback
360 Degree Feedback - A Navigation System for Your Personal Development and Career.  With today's modern satellite navigation systems it is nearly impossible to get lost, no matter where you are. At any given time, users of satellite navigation systems receive data from at least 6 orbiting satellites (there are a total of 24 in the Global Positioning System).

Apply for Unemployment
Are you ready to apply for unemployment? If so, know the facts. First, employment is a state benefit, not federal, and therefore the qualifications and benefits vary widely from state to state. In many states (but not all) you can file over the internet.

Behaviour to climb the stepping stones to career success
This "fruit for thought" article is for all human beings, who somehow find themselves in the role of breadwinner and striving to improve their living standards.

Discovering Everyday Gratitude at Work
Have you ever had something taken away from you only to realize how much you appreciated it after it was gone? I ask this question every time I start one of my appreciation speeches and seminars for Fortune 500 companies. As I pause and wait for people to respond, many hands go up.

Does the organization suits you
There are a variety of things to consider when looking for a job. Of course, you need to ensure you are paid well and that you have medical coverage, but there is much more to a job offer than just those two things. 

Everything is Negotiable
Most job-seekers get into a "locked mindset" about compensation negotiation, with all sorts of assumptions, pre-formed notions and "myths." The truth is that everything is negotiable. Yes, EVERYTHING! 

Get Ahead, Tips for Career Advancement
What is the magic formula for getting ahead? What can I do to accelerate my career advancement? What should I do to get noticed and promoted? These are common questions, and the secret to unlock potential for career advancement is nearly as common. 

How to Find Your Dream Job
When you were a child or a teenager, did you dream of what you would be when you grew up? Most of us had dreams when we were young, but how many of us actually fulfil them? Most of us set our dreams aside when reality kicks in and unfortunately for many, those dreams stay buried forever. 

Successful College Study Habits
College can be tough for anyone. With the Internet, cable television, gaming opportunities everywhere, cell phones? wow, it's difficult to put life on hold and hit the books. But you need to. You have to, if you want decent grades. 

How to Use a Resume Objective to Help Your Job Application
A resume objective statement, while an optional section of your resume, can be a powerful tool for job seekers if it used to its full potential. Strong objectives indicate how you will be of value to the company in one clear and concise statement. 

How to Write a Job Transfer Letter
A job transfer letter, as an easy working definition, is more of a formal request forwarded to your direct supervisor. This is commonly made by employees who are requesting a change of work location or a change in position. A job transfer letter is akin to writing a resume as if you are applying for a new job opening.

Investing in You
With all of the investments that some people make, they tend to overlook the one that is most important they never take the time to invest in themselves. By investing your time and energy into yourself and advancing your goals and dreams, you can put yourself that much closer to accomplishing all of the things that you've always wanted.

Let Your Dreams Lead You to a New Career
Everyone has dreams, but all too often they let these dreams fall to the wayside and end up wondering years later whatever happed to all of the dreams that they had when they were younger. 

Only Five Interview Questions
Of all the subjects we cover in career management and job search, the one that seems to cause clients the most anxiety is INTERVIEWING. To ease my clients' concerns, I often simplify the topic by reducing it to a handful of basic elements. 

Tips for Getting Through a Job Interview
When it comes to getting through an interview, you may find that there are problems that are going to come up, but you have to think fast. You will find that if you learn how to think things quickly, you'll be able to get through the interview. 

Professionally Written Resumes
Professionally Written Resumes: Your Future Depends on It. The only information a hiring usually has about you as a job candidate is the information presented on a resume and in the cover letter. 

Using Phone References and Recommendation Letters
Most people already know that they need a list of Professional References. But you might be asking, "Why do I need Letters of Recommendation at this point in my career?" 

Working with Executive Recruiters
Let's make one thing clear right from the start - executive search firms, recruiters, and employment agencies are not in business to help you land a job. The recruiter is not your advocate, your friend, or your agent. Recruiters, employment agencies, and search firms are merely channels through which you may secure an opportunity for an interview! 

Creativity Articles

5 Powerful Steps to Unleashing Your Creative Self
There is a thread of certainty that runs through most lives. It is sensed as a measured and anticipated rhythm of predictability built upon our notions of how things have been and how they will continue to be. 

Beauty is the buzzword in the business world
In this fast-moving competitive world, when both men and women are climbing up new success ladders, an incomparable thrust is being placed on beauty. Everyone is trying to look his or her best these days. 

Brain Exercises
Brain exercises are very necessary to keep you tuned up. If you do not let your brain work, it will deteriorate with time and it will be very difficult for you to come up with new ideas when you need them. 

Creating Possibility for Transformation
Transformational Counseling is about assisting another to transform his life. Transforming ones life is not about changing it. While life is much about doing differently, the genesis of the transformation is about a person altering or transforming his belief or thought of who he thinks he is. 

Creative Questions
WHY CAN I PAY MY BILLS? was the question that made Arne Rantzen realize the power of questions. Arne tells us how he discovered Creative Questions. 

Creativity as Mediator between the Worlds
Creativity is a mysterious journey that connects us to the unseen worlds. There was a time when all people had access to the unseen worlds, although it was the shamans, story tellers and healers who mediated between the worlds as they journeyed into the Mystery and interpreted the images found there. 

How to build up your own Creative Power
Here are some ways that have been found helpful to build the creative power of
creative thinkers throughout the centuries.

Just do it
I believe one of the worst things you can do for your creativity and sanity is to presume that what you are doing has to somehow be important and notable. Who says so?

Manifesting Creativity
How do we manifest creativity? First of all, what is creativity? There are many definitions. Creativity is learning; creativity is unlearning as well. Creativity is an inspired action-manifestation, flavored with newness, passion and exhilaration.

Memory Training
Memory techniques are not new. These techniques have been existing for a long time now. It is very difficult to understand human memory as its mechanism is very complicated. However, human memory is one of the most crucial things to understand. 

Mind Power
There are many ways to improve mind power. Some of the methods are effective and yet simple. You can easily use these tools in order to produce great impact on your mind. 

Seven Steps to keeping a journal
As a pediatrician, I am often amazed by the interest and enthusiasm demonstrated by parents over the monitoring of growth and development of their babies in the first year of life. 

The Gift of Imagination
It is vital to the happiness of every individual that he or she continues to evolve in spiritual growth, self-awareness, and personal development. This growth and expansion as our true and authentic self is the basis of all spirituality.
Accordingly, this growth and expansion can be enhanced by the use of the gift of imagination for creativity.

Why Choose the Creative Question Approach 
What is a Creative Question and why should we be asking them? Monica and Arne demonstrate this in kaleidoscopic ways, from the elegant Creative Questions Card set to their interactive website, their international workshops, individual coaching, to the year-long Online Advanced Coaching program.